Abstract Submission Opens: 1st March 2019                                Abstract Submission Closes: 15th June 2019

  • This page provides guidelines for submitting an abstract in the conference. Authors should strictly follow the guidelines about the layout and style required for submitting the abstract. The abstracts accepted for presentation will be printed in the abstract booklet of the conference.

  • All the abstracts are to be uploaded using online registration at the Conference web-site. There is no need to send hard copies by post or by CDs. The cut-off date will be 15th June 2019. No abstracts will be taken after this deadline.

  • he abstract must be in English. It must be submitted in electronic format as a Microsoft Word file (*.doc or *.docx). Please check carefully the contents and format of your article before submitting as it will be reproduced in the abstract booklet exactly as it is. Times New Roman is the recommended theme font for the entire text.

  • Types of Abstract Submission –

    Text Abstracts

    Video Abstracts

  • Types of Abstract Presentation All submitters of text abstracts will be considered for the following presentation types

    Full Oral Presentation

    Mini Oral


    Video Presentation

  • Abstract Submission Topics:
    • Topic - Basic | Clinical | Translational
    • Category - Kidney | Liver | Heart | Lung | Intestine | Pancreas/islet | Composite tissue | Cell | Artificial organ | Xenograft | Ethics, Law, Psychosocial | Organ regeneration | Organ Preservation I Cell therapy
    • Sub-Category - Donation and donor types | Allocation | Histocompatibility | Immunology | Ischemia-reperfusion and preservation | Surgical technique | Rejection | Immunosuppressive agents | Histology | Infection | Post Transplant Malignancy | Metabolic complications | Cardiovascular complications | Biomarkers and molecular changes | Organ reconditioning | Tissue engineering | Cellular immunotherapy | Cellular regenerative therapy
  • Structure of the abstract:
    • Title:
      Title should be short, concise and centred using 12 point font, sentence case and should not be in capitals. Title should not exceed 20 words. For Example - The title of the abstract for CAST 2019 conference
    • Authors Name:
      The title should be followed by Author Name(s) centred and in 11 point font. Type initials and family name of the authors and underline the corresponding author’s name. DO NOT include degrees or professional designations. If authors are from different institutes/organizations, please use numbers (1, 2.. etc) in superscript for each institute/organization. For Example - Name1 and Name2
    • Affiliation
      The affiliation(s) should be centred in 10 point font in italics. The affiliation(s) should contain the name of the institute/organization and the country. The detailed address is not required.
      For Example -
      1. Institute Name, Country
      2. Institute Name, Country

    • Body Text
      The abstract is restricted to a maximum of 250 words, using Times New Roman size 12 font. It should include: Objectives, Methods, Results, Conclusions, and Key words. Please check for grammar and spelling mistakes.

  • Abstracts will be reviewed and selected for presentation. Only registered delegates (amongst authors) are entitled to present the selected papers.
  • Every information related to the conference will be communicated to the corresponding author only. The corresponding author will receive confirmation through e-mail after successful submission of the abstract. Please use abstract ID in your future e-mail communication related to abstract.